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Join Best Fight Picks today! Best Fight Picks has developed a reputation for giving the best longterm betting information in the MMA industry, and is committed to helping you grow your bankroll. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us at: BestFightPicks@gmail.com

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Dan's Bet Record:

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The Numbers Speak For Themselves


Best Fight Picks is an Atlanta-based MMA handicapping service owned by Dan Levi. Join the longterm winning team as Dan & right-hand-man Shaq, of the weekly show "Half The Battle," give their championship level fight picks at an affordable price. Best Fight Picks sells longterm profitable, third-party-tracked MMA sports betting advice.

Discipline. Money Management. Long Term results. These are a few of the things that separate the small percentage of winning bettors from the pack of degenerate losers. Best Fight Picks founder Dan Levi has gained a reputation as MMA's premiere handicapper by consistently going against the grain with a sharp shooter approach that has coined him one of the top underdog players in the industry. Now for the very first time, Dan is offering his services to the masses, and brought along his right-hand-man, Shaq, to help the MMA betting scene bet on fights the Best Fight Picks way.


Shaq quickly burst onto the scene with his no-nonsense attitude and opportunistic approach heard on the weekly show "Half The Battle." Having a unique sense for finding an edge, Shaq takes advantage of spots that most overlook. Dan & Shaq are now offering personalized consulting, as well as their proven longterm winning bets for every single UFC fight card.

We don't believe in betting every single fight. We believe in betting the select few fights per event where we have an edge. In the long run, we get the job done.


Every bettor knows that there are ups and downs in the betting game. What distinguishes the winners from the losers is discipline, money management, and a strategic mindset for success. At Best Pick Fights, not only does Best Fight Picks have a 5+ year track record with arguably the best documented numbers in the game, but more importantly, we're not afraid to learn from mistakes, brush off an L, and come back stronger. Losses will happen. However, it’s resilience, discipline, reliability, and most importantly, long term winning results, that separates Best Fight Picks from the pack.



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Half The Battle is the premiere MMA betting podcast on the web. Hosted by Dan (@BestFightPicks) & Shaq (@mmagenius05). Tune in for bets, picks, and expert analysis on every single UFC fight card from two proven longterm winners. Also, listen to Half The Battle for Draft Kings advice by 7x Draft Kings qualifier Kyle Marley (@BigMarley3) on The Big Marley Minute. Half The Battle also provides unique & entertaining discussions with your favorite UFC fighters & MMA personalities, asking the questions no one else asks. Subscribe to Half The Battle today!

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