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By Lance Hartland   (@HartlandUFC)

Active Undefeated UFC Fighters

Most Performance Bonuses in UFC History

Big Favorite Losses in 2018

1st Round Finish % Per Weight Class

1st Round Finish Percentage (# of 1st Round Finishes/Total # of Divisional Matchups)

*Statistics from UFC Fight Night 113 to UFC on ESPN+ 23

In the past 1,221 UFC matchups (UFC Fight Night 113 to Fight Night 165), 286 of them have ended in the 1st round (286/1,221 = 23.4%). Out of those 286 1st round finishes, the Women’s Featherweight division has the highest 1st round finish percentage.

Most Common 1st Round Submissions in Womens UFC Fights

In the past 101 UFC events (UFC Fight Night 113 to UFC Fight Night 165), the armbar is the most common way a female UFC fighter loses in the 1st round. Armbar defense is crucial when considering on placing a bet on a female UFC fighter. In the past 20 first round submissions in female UFC matchups, 10 of those have come via the armbar.

Most KO's In UFC History

Most Submissions In UFC History

Most Decision Wins In UFC History

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